COLORINFO LED VISUAL LIMITED  is a high-tech enterprise designing,developing,and producing high quality LED displays and lighting products.

        Headquartered at No.7,Guanglong Road,ZhongluotanTown,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,China.COLORINFO  currently has over 100 employees.We have built an R&D and production team with well recognized experts who have over ten years'industry experience.Our plant 3,000 square meters,is dustless and occupied by automate production lines.Strictly following the standards of ISO9001:2000 quality management system,we can produce 2,000 square meters every month.Our products have been widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising screens,city brightness,and stage backgrounds,etc..Having distributed our products to over 30countries worldwide,COLORINFO  has become a leading LED display manufacturer in South China.


COLORINFO  dedicates to become the top company in LED display industry,by providing reliable LED products and services to our customers and add value to their lives.